Vananchal Gramin Bank – Branches,Codes and Profits

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Vananchal Gramin Bank

Vananchal Gramin Bank is an RRB (Regional Rural Bank). Usually, these banks are called Gramin banks, and they have been created in order to primarily serve the rural areas by proving financial products and bank services. This bank was founded in 2006 by merging between Palamau Kshetriya Gramin Bank as well as Santhal Parganas Gramin Bank. The Government of India has 50% of its shares, the State Bank of India own 35% and rest is owned by the Government of Jharkhand. The bank has 4 regional offices functioning at Daltonganj, Garhwa, Deoghar, and also Godda and is operating in 9 Jharkhand districts with its Head Office located at Dumka (subcapital of Jharkhand State ).

Vananchal Gramin Bank
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Vananchal Gramin Bank Branches

This bank with the revenue over $3 Million has 936 branches with over 180 rural branches and 23 semi-urban branches. It also has 2.764 doorstep services and more than 460 ATMs. Vananchal Gramin Bank is rendering its services in the rural sector so that the people to find support in this bank for their specific financial and bank services.

Vananchal Gramin Bank Branches
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Vananchal Gramin Bank IFSC Code

Reserve Bank of India allocated to Vananchal Gramin Bank IFSC Code SBINORRVCGB. This code is used for National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and for Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Vananchal Gramin Bank information

The bank fixed deposit interest rates give the possibility of investing a fixed sum of money for a specific period of time, offering a slightly higher rate of interest than the one in the public sector bank, in order to expand their customer base and attract people. For example, regarding the fixed deposit interest rates, for a deposit with a maturity period of 30 days the annual interest rate is 4.50% and for 60 days is 6.00%.

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For recurring deposits, one of the best ways to inculcate the regular habit of saving for some future needs, and popular among the salaried persons, these deposits have compound interest so that on the deposit maturity date, the person will receive the principal and the interest earned.

Vananchal Gramin Bank also offers the possibility to have complete access, by mobile phone services through VGB M Banking app, to the bank transactions such as deposits, fund transfer, checking account balance. You can check it on Saturdays, Sundays and even on holidays with no fees. You can also pay your utilities or the credit card bills.

It also offers different banking products such as credit cards, finance and insurance, mortgage loans, consumer banking, and wealth management.

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Vananchal Gramin Bank, Head Office,
Municipality Chowk, Dangalpara,
Phone – 222401, 226289, Fax – (06434) 222401/222742

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