Uttar Pradesh Government

Uttar Pradesh Government

Uttar Pradesh is a very great place. It has its own patriotism and history. The population here is the highest. This is why it increases its importance and the Uttar Pradesh government – उत्तर प्रदेश  सरकार wants to see all its citizens happy and concerned. Mostly, most of the population here Agriculture and Animal Husbandry is Functioned Here mainly eight kinds of dialects are spoken in Uttar Pradesh, like the rest of the states. Uttar Pradesh is elected by the people for 5 years. Uttar Pradesh is one of the important 7 states which have two legislative councils and legislative assembly. In this, 404 people are elected. The state has the highest number of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha seats. Yogi Adityanath is the Chief Minister and there is Mr. Ram Nayak, Governor. Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji came to power when BJP (BJP) won the State Assembly elections in 2017


UP Government

The public chooses through the government elections in the state. People want to stand in the election, they all register, collect the fees fixed by the government and spread the publicity, then the people elected by the public serve them for 5 years and then the elections are held again. There are elections to be represented again and again in Uttar Pradesh, mainly three parties are visible their name is Samajwadi Party Bahujan Samaj Party and Bhartiya Janta Party

Uttar Pradesh

The Government of UP Services

The Uttar Pradesh government has started a variety of services for its citizens, they are trying to bring new and correct changes in Uttar Pradesh, together with the Central Government, along with the changes, reach the citizens and the rules and services already running. Uttar Pradesh Government has started several schemes like Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Plan Uttar Pradesh Scholarship Online Improvement R 2018 Uttar Pradesh Yuva Sangam Portal Uttar Pradesh Sarathi 4 Scheme Prabhu’s Kitchen Scheme Free Meal Scheme These schemes benefit all types of people and people of all sections. This is to make people’s life easier.

Many schemes such as farmers Debt waiver scheme proves to be a boon for farmers, in which the government and the bank together forgive the debt of farmers, like the kitchen of the Lord. The people of this region are going to fill their stomach and Kamdhenu dairy scheme is for cattle because nearly two and a half million metric tonnes of milk is produced by UP. Many such schemes which the public has the right to implement. If the public decides & want they can change the government also.

Uttar Pradesh Districts

  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh Official Website: http://up.gov.in
  • UP Government Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uttarpradesh
  • The Government of UP Twitter: https://twitter.com/UPGovt
  • UP Government Secretariat Office: Director, Suchna Bhawan, Park Road Department of Information & Public Relations Lucknow – 226 001
  • The Government of UP Support Mail: upinformation@nic.in
  • UP Government State Chief Minister: Yogi Adityanath (BJP)

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  1. The Government of Uttar Pradesh is a democratically elected state government in North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with the governor as its appointed constitutional head of the state by the President of India

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