UP Kisan Karj Rahat

Uttar Pradesh Kisan Rin Mafi

कृषि विगग यूपी पंजीकरण -UP Kisan Karj Rahat  A farmer has a very important contribution in the development of the country, but for many reasons, the farmer does not get all that for which he works hard-wages and he deserves. His biggest problem is the loan, many In the event of non-payment of the loan, many farmers adopt death. In this way, the UP government has taken a very big step and has announced a debt waiver scheme (UP Kisan Karj Rahat) for its farmers. | Will plan the government will pay 75% of the loans under and forgive the remaining bank 25% | This scheme is only for those people whose loan is up to Rs. 100000. It is believed that this will benefit about 12.50 lakh farmers, it is a very large number.

UP Kisan Rin Mafi


For this loan waiver, the farmer must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh, the land on which the loan has been taken must be within the state, before the due date already, the loan forgiveness form will be deposited and only the same farmers The application for which the rail loan is up to Rs. 100000 and their land is up to 2 hectares and the bank account of the farmer should be linked to its base number. To avail the scheme, it is mandatory for the farmer to have an Aadhaar card. He will also need the land letter, bank account number and details for this.

For the registration of this UP Kisan Karj Rahat loan forgiveness

  1. Those who qualify to take advantage of the farmer’s service, they will first go to the official website of the UP Government.
Uttar Pradesh Kisan Rin Mafi
Image Source: upkisankarjrahat.upsdc.gov.in
  1. If we have already created an account, then we will log in using our password and User ID.
  2. If we do not already have an account, then in case we will click on the signup button. And fill the information period and click the submit button.
  3. After login with the account, we will complete the registration process. Loan forgiveness can be registered only after registration.
  4. We will fill in all the information asked in the loan registration form, such as name, age, contact details, bank account etc. And then click on the submit button and proceed.
  5. What process will be started by the department later.

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  1. After taking oath by the government, in the first cabinet meeting, in accordance with the promise made in his resolution letter, the farmers decided to forgive the farmer for one lakh rupees

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