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Importance of forest department for any country

UP Forest – यूपी वन Wildlife is important for any of the nation. It is a place where animals can stay under a natural habitat in a peaceful environment. This gives them an open space where they can explore the place in a way which they find best suitable for them. Even many of the steps are taken by the government to improve the wildlife of India. Still, there are many threats existing on wildlife which are required to be considered.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

For maintaining wildlife of a nation, a special forest department is made. Their prime responsibility is to prepare measures by which animals can be conserved and maintained. It is made sure by the government that up forest department is having sufficient resources to maintain their activities. Animals will be benefited by means of performing their activities in the best possible manner over those habitats.

Importance of forest department for India

There are large numbers of animals residing in India. Each of these animals is important for our ecosystem to keep that in balance. When any of the animals get in lower numbers, there will be a threat to the ecosystem due to the effect on many systems. It is therefore required to have special provisions where animals and plantations are taken care of seriously.

Uttar Pradesh

Different up forest management practices are available which can help for the means of conservation of biodiversity. Biodiversity is important to maintain different diverse nature of plants and animals residing over the earth. Even it will help us in ensuring that there is the maintenance of a green and clean environment for different animals and plants living in a particular region.

UP Forest Department

For maintaining the forest effectively many different kinds of technologies are available which can help to conserve them. It will help in ensuring that animals are able to stay effectively in their natural habitat without facing any serious consequences to the way in which they are living. This will require establishing world-class standards of the methods adopted over there. One should also keep conservation ethics in their minds to ensure that they are able to incorporate those practices.

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Discussion on UP Forest Department

Thus, we can say that it is important to conserve forest for any of the nation. It will help in ensuring that we are able to conserve plantations and animals over there to give the desired productivity. One can have a balanced ecosystem which is contributed by all the animals residing over the planet. A balanced ecosystem is also beneficial to provide the desired healthy environment for the humans residing in up by use of the use of up forest corporation.

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  1. Major Ramsey, Commissioner of Kumaon, was appointed as the first Conservator of Forests in addition to his other duties. He introduced rotational working and insisted on trees being marked before felling. In 1867 he introduced fire protection in the sal forests. Gorakhpur forests were worked for sal to meet the needs of ship building.

  2. The history of forest conservation in Uttar Pradesh begins in 1800 when forest areas in Kumaon, Dehra Dun and Terai came under the British. In the early stages a small fee was levied for the forest produce removed by the exporters. In 1826, cutting of sal was prohibited in certain areas.

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