TRIFED – Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India


TRIFED – ट्राइफेड full form represents Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited. This was established in 1987 August by the Ministry of Welfare, the Government of India, under the 1984 Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act. This is now alternated by the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002.

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited
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Trifed Role

Trifed (ट्राइफेड) is a national-level organization operating under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs administrative control, Govt of India. The registered Head office of Trifed is in New Delhi and has 13 Regional offices network located in various places in the country. The tribals are dependent heavily on the natural products that they produce for their livelihood. The problem is that though they produce they are exploited by the unscrupulous traders and so the tribals do not receive the actual prices. The naiveté of Tribals is taken into the advantage by the middlemen.

Tribes India
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Tribal cooperative marketing development federation of India works as an FCI agency to procure Rice and Wheat.  The main objective of Trifed is to institutionalize the Minor Forest Produce and also the Surplus Agriculture Produce cultivated by tribals as they are dependent on the natural products. In fact, Trifed organizes exhibitions such as National Tribal Craft Expo to promote and also to market the tribal products. Thus, it facilitates the tribal artisans in participating and to directly interact to assess market needs with the art lovers.

Trifed full form
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The aim

The aim is to accelerate the tribal people economic development by marketing their produce or products and to offer them wider exposure in the domestic and international markets for their craft and arts. Tribal communities of India showcase the exquisite tribal art and the authentic craft items that are sculpted and crafted by the tribes from different parts of the country. These home produced products reveal the rich and colorful heritage of the Tribal people, such that the products are eco-friendly, made using raw materials that are available naturally. This is the reason these products are priced reasonably.

tribal communities of india
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The articles sold in Tribes India are unique and one of its kinds, handcrafted that is directly sourced from a group of tribal artisans predominantly or from a craftsman. The remunerative price is directly paid to the tribal and does not include any middle-man charges. The group gets the benefit as a whole and Tribes India has consignment outlets even in Leh, Nathula Pass, besides its retail outlets. This has to lead to a massive drive in 2017-18 that the Retail Marketing Activities observes a scale up.

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  1. TRIFED in its endeavor to develop the marketing of minor forest produce is engaged in skill . India is a home for large number of tribal people, known as “ADIVASI”. Chhattisgarh MFP Federation , Raipur · Tribal Development Cooperative

  2. TRIFED is Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED). It was established in August 1987 by the then Ministry of Welfare, Government of India, under the Multi State Cooperative Societies Act 1984 (which has now been replaced by the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002)

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