Top State Co-Operative Banks in India

State Cooperative Banks

State Cooperative Banks – राज्य सहकारी बैंक According to Reserve Bank of India, which is the central bank and the supreme monetary authority, banks can be scheduled as commercial banks and co-operative banks; the last ones comprise urban Cooperative banks and state cooperative banks. In India, there are 20 state co-operative banks.

What is state cooperative banks?

State co-operative banks or SCB is one of three pillars structure of the cooperative banks in India. It is a federation of central Co-operative bank acting as a watchdog, obtaining their funds from deposits, loans, share capital and overdrafts from the Reserve Bank of India. They can lend money to primary societies and to central co-operative banks and not directly to the farmers. These banks receive loans from the Reserve Bank, generally, for 3 to 5 years, loans provided for construction of farmhouses and cattle sheds, improving living condition like the construction of water channels or digging of wells, and also for other schemes of irrigation. More than 98 percent of loans are granted to the cooperative societies, mainly for the short-period, for agricultural banks wiki

Top state cooperative banks

In India, a state co-operative bank means that this bank is the apex bank within this state. For example, Bihar State Co-operative Bank means that it is apex bank for Bihar state, and it is under control of Reserve Bank of India. The top 5 states in terms of the number of state co-operative banks are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajahstan, and Tamil Nadu. Based on some criteria, for 2015-2016 there were some winners as follows.

According to state cooperative banks wiki list, based on the leadership role of state co-operative banks, the winner was Gujarat State Co-operative Bank, established in 1961 and also it equipped with all the latest technology in the completely air-conditioned environment.

What is State Cooperative Banks

Regarding overall performance, the first and also second prize awarded by Andaman State Co-operative Bank and Sikkim State Co-operative Bank. The Andaman State Cooperative Bank Ltd. provides financial assistance to cooperative societies or individuals, loan for construction of the residential houses or commercial complexes, overdraft facilities to business communities or term loan for manufacturing unit. The Sikkim State Co-operative Bank was the first bank of its kind registered in Sikkim in 1999. And in order to serve as the co-operative societies in order to raise deposits, lending or for nonfarm entities.

Cooperative Apex Bank

top State Cooperative Banks

For resource development, the winner was Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank, and for recovery performance Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank. Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank started in 1966, has an important position by financing entrepreneurs, farmers or rural artisans. Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank with a network of 2.900 branches has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. And also has ranked the first place in terms of life insurance policies.

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Regarding the compliance of prudential norms, the prize awarded by Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd. And based on profitability, the winner was the Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank Ltd., Lucknow. Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd. Has the largest network of branches. More than 1.897 branches and also the state government holds over 87% of its shares. Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank Ltd. is located in New Arya Nagar, Delhi is a top bank in its range.

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From the point of view of corporate governance & management performance, the winner was Karnataka State Cooperative Apex Banking Limited., Bangalore and for the leadership role, the prize went to Gujarat State Cooperative Bank Ltd., Ahmedabad. Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd. is based in Mangaluru. And also has a network of 824 branches with over 10 million customers.

Cooperative Banks

The Gujarat State Cooperative Bank established in 1960 and also has facilities such as video conferencing and auditorium.

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