The Best List of Top 10 Banks in India

Top Banks in India

Banks in India – भारत में बैंक Banking sectors are one of the more regulated sectors in India’s economy. The government allowed the operation of private banking and it was the start of competition within the banking sector. The private banks provide the best customer services and this made them the ultimate winner.

The following is banks in India wiki list with top 10:

State Bank of Indiastate bank of india

The State Bank of India is considered one of the top banks in India. This bank offers the most branches, net profit, ATMs and total assets. This bank is responsible for 20% of the banking industry of India. The bank offers 17000 branches and approximately 27000 Atm. The assets that the bank manages is worth over the US $390 billion.

Corporation Bankcorporation bank

The Corporation Bank is considered one of the second-best banks in India. The bank offers over a thousand branches and ATM. The bank also offers over three thousand branchless units nationwide. There is only a percentage of these are open at one time each year. This bank has branches worldwide in Dubai and in Hong-Kong. This is one of the Nationalized Banks in India

The ICICI Bankicici bank

This bank manages the second most amount of assets for all banks in India.  The bank offers approximately 3000 branches and more than 11000 ATM. The total value of the assets managed by the bank is approximately US $99 billion

Punjab National Bankpunjab national bank

This the third biggest bank in the country. The assets that are managed by this bank is higher than the market capitalizing of the bank. This bank provides over 5000 branches and 6000 ATM. Over the US $ 90.9 billion of assets is managed by this bank.

The Bank of Baroda

This bank is the fourth biggest in the country as it pertains to assets marketed by the bank. The bank is underpriced according to the market cap. Baroda Bank provides over 4000 branches and the US $840 million in net profit. The bank manages assets valued at the US $73 billion

The HDFC Bankhdfc bank

This bank is rank number five in terms of asset management. The bank provides over 3000 branches and 12000 ATM. The net profit of the bank reaches over US $1.1 billion. The bank manages over the US $66.7 billion.

The Canara Bankcanara bank

This bank provides over 3000 branches and approximately 4000 ATM. The value of the assets managed the US $61 billion. The bank employs over 44000 employees to provide the best customer service available.

The Axis Bankaxis bank

This bank is the third among private banks and considered the seventh best bank n the world. The bank provides over 2000 branches and approximately 12000 ATM. The bank employs about 40000 employees to provide ultimate customer service to their customers. Over the US $54 billion of assets managed by the bank. The net profit of the bank is approximately US $1.5 billion.

The Bank of Indiatop 10 banks in India

This bank provides about 45000 branches and makes about the US $400.

The IDBI BankTop banks in india

This bank offers over 1000 branches and 2000 ATMs to its customers. It manages about the US $42 billion of assets.

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