Swachh Bharath Urban

Swachh Bharath Urban

“Swachh Bharath” – स्वच्छ भारत One step to cleanliness, with the aspiration of going to India for Cleanliness, on October 2, 2014, this grand campaign of Swachh Bharath was launched in the entire nation of India. Impressed by the idea of Mahatma Gandhi’s Swachh Bharath, this campaign was started by Prime Minister Modi from Rajghat, New Delhi on the occasion of his birth anniversary. The entire nation has been included in the center of this scheme of the Government of India, so that the entire streets of our country, roads, cities infrastructure (infrastructure), town, rural areas will become clean.

Swachh Bharath Campaign

Purpose of Swachh Bharath Campaign

The main objective of this campaign is to solve the problem of openness in the open or to be completely eliminated through the construction of individuals, groups and community toilets for the first time to fulfill the interest of cleanliness.

Through this campaign, an accounting system is to be established by the Government of India, through which it can be fully focused on the implementation of this campaign.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The target of Swachh Bharath Campaign

According to the target set by the Central Government of India, the Sanitation Campaign, till October 2, 2019, i.e. when the nation is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Bapu, at the cost of about Rs 1.96 crore (USD 30 billion) in India, 12 million Toilets is to be built. In this campaign of Government of India, private companies have also ensured their participation. Including 14 companies including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Mahindra Group, they have made 3195 (estimated) toilets by May 2015.

  • Provision of 2.5 million (estimated) community toilets and solid waste management in each city, targeting 1.04 crore (estimated) families in urban areas.

Under this campaign, open defecation, unclean toilets in the open, eradication of the practice of scavenging and changes in the behavior of people in connection with solid waste management and practices related to clean and hygiene by municipalities.

  • Sanitation campaign in rural areas is being run in the name of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, which is based on demand.

Where did Swachh Bharat campaign reach in three years

application of IHHL

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Private Home Toilet (Individual Household Latrine – IHHL):

Under this initiative of the Government of India, decentralization of sanitation campaign has been done by suppressing the open defecation in the open. And incorporating the idea of making the toilet itself.

Under this campaign, the Government of India is providing assistance in the construction of toilets in both the urban and rural areas of the country. To avail the benefits under this scheme, the beneficiary should visit the website of the Government of India on this website: http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/ihhl/ Have to do.

Sanitation Campaign

Useful requirements for the application of IHHL:

  1. Scanned photo of the applicant (mandatory)
  2. Details of bank accounts (mandatory)
  3. Scanned copy of the first page of bank passbook (to show account details)
  4. If Aadhar card is not available, then the copy of Aadhaar registration receipt is mandatory.

The applicants will have to complete the process of filling the following online forms with these requirements. So that the beneficiary can get the benefit of the help given by the government.

Here are some of the steps taken:

Individual Household Latrine

  1. To create a Latrine Online Form, the applicant will have to make his own login ID for the new application by visiting the Government of India website.
  2. After that, a password will be received on the applicant’s mobile.
  3. With the help of this password, the applicant will deposit the online toilets available on the website with complete information.
  4. After depositing it will receive the first installment of the amount of assistance.
  5. The second installment will also have to log in on the same form and upload the construction photograph.

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