Significance of Ekosh in Uttarakhand

The significance of Ekosh in Uttarakhand

There are a large number of transactions with which government is involved with. They maintain all these transactions to carry out different activities for the development of the nation. It is also required to ensure that all these transactions are carried out in an error-free manner. This will help in ensuring that all the treasury of the government is spent in a proper manner.

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As the costs and spending of government rises, there is an increasing need to maintain them. Even the public requires all the details about how their hard earned money is spent. In order to remain transparent to the general public, the government of Uttarakhand has started Ekosh portal (ईकोश पोर्टल). This portal will provide all the details of the spending of government over various schemes. It will give the taxpayer all the details of the spending of their hard-earned tax.

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The significance of Ekosh in Uttrakhand

So, what is Ekosh? Ekosh is a data center which is located in Dehradun. It is possessing 13 of the district treasuries, 5 upgraded sub-treasuries, 2 pay and account offices and many more. All these offices are developed to ensure that all the track records are kept about the spending in various schemes and department. It will even give a clear insight into the flow of money to the government of Uttarakhand.

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All the centers developed here are completely computerized. Even they are connected to the state data center. It will help in maintaining all the data at a single place by entering them remotely. This will even help in ensuring that all the data is kept secure at the centralized location. With the help of these even audits, operations, transactions, monitoring accounts, and many other things can be carried out effectively.
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Budget is specifically allotted to a particular department. As all the data is controlled with the use of computers, one can ensure that the budget which is allocated can be followed. It will help in ensuring that we are able to get maximum output from the minimum resources too. This is mainly because of the constant monitoring which is taking place at the financial activities remotely. Also, it will facilitate the reduction of the unwanted expenses which might be present in the state.


Thus, we can say that Ekosh online is an important part of Uttrakhand. The site for the same is It helps in maintaining the complete financial transactions of the state. This will help in ensuring that all the expenses are met with in accordance with the budget which is allotted. Even it will help in ensuring maximum productivity of the government with minimum expenses.

  • Ekosh in Uttarakhand Website:
  • Ekosh in Uttarakhand Head Office: 23 Laxmi Road, Dalanwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Honorable Uttarakhand Treasury Minister: Sri Prakash Pant

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