SBI Account

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SBI Account

SBI – एसबीआई अकाउंट  is one of the top banks in India, in which the number of account holders is very high compared to the rest. Keeping this in mind, SBI has also made changes in time itself, SBI has given its customers the facility of opening an online account. This will give great benefit to elderly people and those who have a shortage of time or for which it is inaccessible to go to the bank, this is a very good way and if people have a bank account, then they will also have many schemes of the government. You will be able to avail of benefits like UP’s debt waiver service.

SBI Personnal Banking

To open an account in SBI, we have to have some paper-

  • Identity card such as passport driving license, voter ID card etc
  • Residence proof such as passport driving license, voter card etc.
  • Pan Card
  • Form No. 16
  • Photo of latest passport size
Account in SBI
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Some rules have been made to open an account in SBI

  1. Applicant should be a resident of India
  2. Applicant should be above 18 years of age
  3. If the applicant is under 18 years of age then the parent or legally their guardians can open their account.
  4. The application should have accurate identification and residence proof which are approved by the government.
  5. If the bank hands it, then the minimum balance deposited by the bank has to be deposited which depends on the savings account.

SBI Open Account

It is easy to open SBI Savings account, for that we have to go to the SBI home page, then click on Apply Now, click on the savings account from the given options (if you want to open a savings account), fill the form and Click Submit. After this, you will be told that you should go to your branch and complete the KYC and take your identity card and residence certificate there. When all the documents in the branch will be deposited, the bank will start its process to check, after the completion of your account, your account will start running from 3 to 5 days.

There are many advantages to opening an online account. It takes less time to make money less and if you want you can choose things at your convenience. You can also nominate someone in it for your account, it is called a nomination facility.

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  1. A minor may submit information online for opening a Savings Bank account provided he/she is more than 10 years old and can sign uniformly.

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