What is MeeSeva and what’s the purpose of it?


MeeSeva – मी सेवा is a Telegu word which means “at your service”. It is basically providing services to the people closer to their home through a single portal. The main motto of the portal is to provide 3 Es i.e. ethical, effective and efficient governance with the help of digital technology. This will also help the citizens to become digital technology savvy. It is the combined initiative of the national E-governance plan, state data center, statewide area network and common service centers with the state government.meeseva application


Its sole purpose is to help the citizens digitally. They don’t have to move outside their comfort zone for any government-related work. Mee Seva has created a central pool for all land records, registration records, and economic surveys etc. for the benefit of the common man. All these records are stored with a digital signature and can only be accessed through that digital signature, therefore these cannot be tempered or changed. This initiative has removed the risky ink signatures which could be changed or tampered easily.

MeeSeva ServicesMeeseva services

Mee Seva provides services like Aadhaar, certificates for birth and community, nativity certificate, mutation and e-Pattadar passbook, residence certificate, income certificate, un-employment certificate, certified copies of Panchnama, death and birth registration, AP Pahani, no objection certificate, etc. All electricity, telephone (landline or mobile), water bills etc. can also be paid through these centers. Mee Seva also provides digital lockers where you can safely store your documents and other important papers.


meeseva portal

On the official AP Mee Seva website, there is a handbook which can be downloaded for information about all the procedures, services offered and also MeeSeva application. There is a Mee Seva locater button on the web page which will help you with how to find MeeSeva locations that are near you. The website also provides you information about ongoing online training sessions, price list related to agricultural produce etc.


The youth of the area given small shops in their vicinity to run these Mee Seva centers. This gives them an extra income besides their livelihoods. This helps in smoothly implementing the “right to service act” for the citizens. Every Government office, be it at block level or district level is following this Mee Seva. It has received many awards for its work done for the people of Telangana and also Andhra Pradesh.how to find meesava locations

MeeSeva portal also provides detailed information about government policies and schemes for rural as well as for the urban population of the two states. Even admissions forms for colleges can fill through Mee Seva central portal. One can even donate online through MeeSeva portal. There is an integrated services delivery gateway there are 367 departments of whose services can have through this portal. Recently few more departments have added to the citizens portal like labor, revenue, consumer complaints, health, and IT sector. These portals are helping the citizens in a great way. All of these facilities are available on MeeSeva Telangana as well as Mee Seva Andhra Pradesh portals.

There are approximately 9770 Mee Seva centers in Andhra Pradesh and 5088 centers in Telangana.

Click here to visit @ Mee Seva AP Website

Click here to visit @ Mee Seva Telangana Website

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