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Mahabhulekh – महाभूलेख is composed of three words: Maha means Maharashtra, Bhu Means Land, and Lekh means articles. The Mahabhulekh is a website run by the Government of Maharashtra. This website is developed by National Informatics Center (NIC) and Maharashtra Revenue Department. This website contains land-related records which Maharashtra citizens can see online. Seven wings or 7/12 transit is a type of serial number which is available from the land record register. This number is used in many places

Maharashtra state

  • It works as proof that the person who owns the land in the right way has a serial number, then it shows that the person in front is entitled to his land right.
  • This number is also used when the land is sold.
  • This number is used to take the loan.
  • During the domestic litigation, it is used as a proof in the court.
  • It is also required in the office of the Sub Registrar.
  • Many times we use it for our own work.

Maharashtra Revenue Department

With the help of numbers, we get much information online such as village name, taluk, district, the name of the owner, part of the land, type of land, place crop and detailed information of farming, rent information loan or liability Otherwise, information is available.

To see its information

  • First Website (

  • Enter the name of the district, Taluk’s name and village name at the given places.
  • There will be an option followed by survey number or the gate number (survey no. / Gat no.) Or search by name.
  • After that, insert the survey number on the front page or type the first middle or last name.
  • Then click Show 7/12.

After this, you will see all the information on the screen of your computer. If you want, you can save it. Clicking on the Save button below will save your information on your laptop or phone.

It is necessary to do the right thing properly and become the partner in the development of your state and country. We all have the obligation to follow the rules made by the government and help them reasonably.

  • Mahabhulekh Website:
  • Mahabhulekh Head Office: Jambardi Commissioner and Director Land Records Office 3rd Floor, New Administrative Building, Opp. Council Hall, Pune
  • Helpline Number of Mahabhulekh: 020-26050006
  • Mahabhulekh Support Mail:

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