Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank – Background and Services Offered

Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank

Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank – लैंगपी देहांगी ग्रामीण बैंक ensures serving the financial needs of people living in remote and rural areas in India. It is advantageous for those individuals who can not avail the opportunity of large and commercial banks. The main purpose of this bank is to adapt to modern banking technique in order to augment their services and technology.

Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank
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Why is this bank beneficial?

  • Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank, like any other rural bank, aims at serving individuals, financially. Most of the population in rural areas do not have proper banking facilities, hence no proper way of saving money. This rural bank, however, fulfills the needs of the village population, by helping them save money effectively.
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  • For the convenience of the village population, the banking rates are kept at a lower cost, for their convenience and ease.
  • It helps to rationalize their financial needs in order to help develop the rural area, especially in their projects related to agriculture.
  • Friendly service is provided to the farmers. It provides them an opportunity to compare their farm with another farm; helping them figure out all the shortcomings, as well as their success, so it is easier for them manage their agricultural business with the help of rural banking. By helping the individuals with their farming investments, it can allow them to enhance their agricultural achievements.


Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank, established on 27January 1982, is a well-known rural bank. Its head office is in Diphu. The surrounding area consists of two hill districts, making it more amusing. It aims at facilitating the natives of the village with effective banking schemes, almost like those in urban areas. It is important to recognize these steps, as a goal towards helping the rural population bloom and flourish, despite the remote area they live in. The focus is towards improving the financial conditions, to help them manage their finances in an exotic manner.

How does it aim at achieving its goals?

  • Providing doorstep service to the customers.
  • Popularize Self Help Group (SHG) movement, in order to upgrade rural banking schemes. The basic function of this movement is to encourage women on starting up a business. This will not only help women take part in the development of their remote area but help them become confident.
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  • Aims at creating a leading bank at the operating area by following all or most of the schemes followed in larger cities and towns.
  • By giving online banking services, Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank IFSC code has helped enlarge the network of banking, to a greater extent.

With efficient strategies, and excellent banking schemes, it can compete against larger and famous banks. Not taking in view the locality of the area, better services and expertness can boost the world of rural banking. The result is always significant as it can give a better idea of how rural banks can achieve the zenith of fame in markets.

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