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 Kerala Gramin Bank

The Kerala Gramin bank was established in 2013 and like most regional rural banks in India, I fall under the Regional rural bank act. The bank was sponsored by the Canara Bank. This bank was a result of the merging of the South Malabar Gramin bank and the North Malabar bank which were sponsored by the Canara bank and the Syndicate Bank respectively. This bank provides services to the entire Kerala State. The headquarters of the KGB bank is located in Malappuram in Kerala, India. The bank is owned by both the Central Government and the State Government and Canara bank sponsors it. The bank has seen a great financial year between 2017 and 2018 and is still considered as the best Gramin bank nationwide.

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The focus on rural economy

The bank has a profit that is used for the operation that rose by almost half of the crore of the year before. The net profit of the bank did not do so well and in fact, that aspect saw a los in the same year. This was due to the increase in the accounts that had educational loan defaults.

Coverage for Provisions

Kerala Gramin bank and other regional rural banks are responsible for the most educational loans in specific areas of India. Both in quantity and numbers. They are responsible for these loans simply because they are closer to villages and villagers and they can provide much more banking services to these people.

The target of the banks

The bank aims to reach a new business total that will allow them to provide higher loans. They also intend to provide better plans for financing self-help and liability groups. There was an increase of credit between 2017 and 2018 which was responsible for helping to boost the ratio between deposit and credit. This is the highest the states as seen. The Kerala Gramin bank has issued more than a hundred Kisan cards for credit and has issued more than two thousand crores for the government initiative for housing.

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The previous number of branches for this bank has increased from 615 to 630 branches after the opening of fifteen new branches were open by the Kerala Gramin bank that also managed to make additional six lakh customers that aided to boost the total business strength. The Kerala Gramin Bank wiki it the best place online to gather more information and you can visit for more information on Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC code.

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