Kashi Gomti Samyukt Gramin Bank – Financials and other Details

Kashi Gomti Samyukt Gramin Bank 

The Kashi Gomti Samyukt Gramin Bank is a regional rural bank that was established around the same time as all the other regional rural banks. The bank Started in the year 1975  under the ordinance of the Regional Rural bank act. These banks were created for the sake of providing financial services to improve the rural economy for farmers as well as traders in the commerce industry. It also created to improve production of rural areas and also creating facilities for credit. The target customers of a bank include small farmers, laborers, and also entrepreneurs.

Financial year

Similarly, last financial year, the Kashi Gomti Gramin bank saw an increase in profit. The KGSG bank ended with a deposit of Rs. 7641 crore and an advance of Rs. 2162 crore. The priority sector and agriculture advances had percentages of 78% and also 51%. The bank has 415 branches all over India’s rural areas and the branches are all on CBS or core banking platform. The bank offers a couple of technology products to their customers including checking systems for digital authority, a platform for ATM and KCC card. They also include talking ATM, systems for cheque truncation  but also IMPS services.

kgsg bank
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Applying for an open position in KGSG bank

The recruitment for the year provides free alerts for an open position for an experienced candidate and inexperienced candidates. The process has been updated as at the end of November. You can get an official link if you apply at KGSG bank this year. You can find all open position on the website and also if you are interested you can apply right away via the online application process provided. The bank has an application process that to be followed if you are serious about working with a banking institution.

Image Source: 2018-2019 Management

The responsibility of the Banks

These banks are responsible for all banking services that are provided to the individuals that live in the rural areas. It means mostly farmers, small business owners, as well as young entrepreneurs. Thus important to include this individual because they are an important part of the Economy of India. An opportunity to work for a bank should be something anyone interested in the field should jump at. There is a need for more banks of this type and there is definitely a need for bank workers.



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