List of International Banks in India and USA

List of International Banks in India and USA

Banking and financial institutions have come up a long way in international businesses. These are an important part of any business may it be big or small. Foreign banks in India as well as  International banks are ranked on the basis of their market value and also total assets, these are compiled through their balance sheets information.

Out of the top international banks, European Union dominates with 36 followed by China with 18 and the United States of America with 12 banks.

Below is the list of International Banks:

  1. JP Morgan Chase & Co. is a multinational bank with investment and financial services. It is the largest in the USA.
  2. Bank of America Corp. based in North Carolina formed in 1998
  3. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China started in 1984 in Beijing, China. It is the largest bank in China.
  4. Wells Fargo is the worlds second largest bank in the United States. It started in 1852 in California.
  5. China Construction Bank one of the largest banks in China. It was established in 1954 as People’s Construction Bank of China.

  1. HSBC Holdings is a British banking and financial company and it is the 7th largest in the world and largest in Europe.
  2. Citigroup the third largest bank in the United States, started as Citi bank of New York in 1812.
  3. Bank of China one of the largest commercial banks, started in 1912.
  4. Royal Bank of Canada the largest bank in Canada formed in 1854 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  5. Commonwealth Bank of Australia a multinational bank stretching its businesses across New Zealand, Asia, United States, and the United It was formed in December 1911 as a government bank and then became a public company in 1991.

International Banks in India:

Image Source: foreign exchange and international financial markets
  1. Citibank one of the oldest in India, started  1902 and also 750 ATMs across the country.
  2. Standard Chartered Bank founded the year 1969 with 102 branches till date.
  3. HSBC India is the oldest bank with 50 branches in India.
  4. Deutsche Bank started 1980 and has 18 branches across the country.
  5. Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the oldest here and also started in 1921.
International banks in USA:
  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  2. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  3. Siam Commercial Bank
  4. Toronto Dominion Bank
  5. Anz Limited Partnership

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