HDFC Bank Limited – services and investment options

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HDFC Bank Limited 

HDFC is an Indian Bank with branches all over the world including in the US and Mumbai Maharashtra. This is among the largest banks in India and among the most valuable brands. This bank is among the top banks in India. The HDFC headquarters is located in India and although many believe this is the number one bank in the county it is not on any list with that rank. There are HDFC bank branches in the USA.

HDFC Bank Limited 
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The bank was established in 1994 with an office in Mumbai, India. The first of its branch was at Sandoz House and it was inaugurated by the finance manager. The bank offers their customers a variety of services including auto loans, bike loans, retail banking, durable loan, wholesale banking, treasury, personal loan and others. HDFC expanded their reach in the US when they merged with another private bank the Times Bank in the early part of 2000. They also acquired the Centurion Bank and it was considered the largest merger in India’s financial sector.

HDFC bank in usa
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Banking services

This bank provides commercial services, transactional banking to a variety of customers and is the leading lender in India. The net profit of the bank is estimated at Rs 3990.09 core. The margin of the net interest is 4.3 % and this is the interest income minus the interns paid.

HDFC bank branches in usa
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We live in a digital era and everything in our society has gone digital including the banking system. HDFC offers mobile banking to their customers. They provide an app for your mobile phone that will allow you to check your fund’s transfers, balances, you can pay your bills via the app and a lot more application. You will be allowed to make over a hundred transaction from anywhere at any time of the day. The app is equipped with state-of-the-art features.

HDFC bank branches in usa
HDFC bank branches in usa

Special schemes

The bank offers several HDFC special schemes to provide an excellent customer experience. This might be the best bank to invest in that is found in India. It is a Private sector bank that provides some of the best customer service available. Not only those the bank offer banking services but they also provide one of the best investment platforms. You can use this platform to make investments and purchase products such as equities, funds and a variety of bonds.

HDFC headquarters
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Investment options

HDFC wiki
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You will get recommendations on investment and risk based on the investment choices that you are interested in. to learn a bit about the bank history you can check online at HDFC wiki. The bank offers all banking services and investment platform. If you are looking a safe place to make investments while getting recommendation on the best product investment you might want to take a look at the services provided by this bank. There is a lot of banks in India that provides these kinds of services but not the level of customer service that HDFC. This might be the best banking and product investment options that are available to you. They also offer online banking services that you can also investigate.

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