Education Made Affordable And Easy Through Digital Gujarat Scholarships

The Gujarat government has brought a noble scheme for students to provide them with financial assistance for those who are financially weak to carry on their studies. Scholarship programs to support the studying expense of financially weaker students are for students of all ages. Students from primary school to high school, after 12th class, and also the research scholars; all may get a scholarship. To get the scholarship through the digital Gujarat scholarship schemes, you should know your eligibility, the application process, and all such important details. Only then you may know if you fit the criteria or not.

Digital Gujarat Scholarships schemes at a glance

The various scholarship schemes and details of them are available on the digital Gujarat portal scholarship. There are over 30 scholarship schemes available for students of various ages. The eligibility criteria and application timings vary. For every scheme, there are allotted in general a few months of the time frame within a year. Generally, that time has to be followed to apply for that scholarship. The exact date and time varies though and gets declared shortly before the applications for a scheme started.

Criteria to apply

The scholarship schemes are to help the backward classes and weaker people in society so that their children do not face the financial resistance to complete their studies. Besides furnishing proofs of the family’s earnings, there are some criteria with every scholarship scheme. But the main criteria which must match with the applicant is the permanent residence of Gujarat. The applicant must have the domicile of the state.

The process for applying for the digital Gujarat scholarship

First, you have to register on the digital Gujarat portal. Then you have to update your profile. And then you may apply for the scholarship.

The registration process

For this, you have to visit the digital Gujarat official website.

  • There is a login button. You have to click on it.
  • There you would get a click for a new registration button. Click on it. If you are already registered, you may log in using your mobile or Aadhar number and the email id.
  • Being a new user, you will have to input all required details in the fields in the form and submit.
  • On saving this information you would get an OTP on your mobile.
  • Next, you will have to enter the OTP and submit.
  • Registration would get complete this way.
digital gujarat scholarship registration
digital Gujarat scholarship registration

Updating the profile

  • You will be taken automatically to your profile page on entering the OTB above. Here you can update it.
  • Here you will have to fill in all the details asked for.
  • Next, you will have to upload your photograph.

This is the process to update the profile.

How to apply for the Digital Gujarat Scholarships

  • First, you have to log in to your digital Gujarat account.
  • Next, you will have to go to your dashboard.
  • In the filter service section, there is a link to Scholarship. Click on it.
  • Here you would get a list of all scholarship schemes in the state.
  • You will have to select the one from the list which you are interested in.
  • Next, you will have to choose a language for the application process.
  • You must read all the instructions for that scholarship very well.
  • Next, you have to click on Continue to Service.
  • You would get an application form which you have to fill then.
  • Next, you must upload all the needed documents with it and click on the submit button.

The amount of scholarship reward money given on each scheme varies. There are more than 30 schemes. And each one has its own eligibility criteria and reward money limit. Therefore what applies for one scheme won’t be the same for another. No two schemes are the same. Therefore you will have to read every detail about a scheme while applying.

Digital Gujarat Scholarships helpline

There is a helpline number of the Gujarat digital portal. It is 18002335500. This is a toll-free number. One may contact here in case of queries and confusion with any scholarship information.

The variety of scholarship programs

Some scholarship schemes are focused on giving financial assistance of a minimum value to continue education from government schools and colleges. This scheme provides hostel fees and food etc. for those who have to stay in a hostel during education. Some schemes are only for food and meal assistance during the education period. For a fixed small amount each month. Some offer a bigger amount for research scholars. In this way, there are various types of schemes for a scholarship, available for applying from the digital Gujarat portal.

Concluding it

Everybody and every child have the right to education, and education should not stop in any way. If money is the hurdle, then the Gujarat government has helpful scholarship programs that can be applied digitally online. Hence in this state, no one should stay uneducated just because of a shortage of funds.