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Benefits of utilizing an e-district facility in Delhi

e-District Facility Delhiई-जिला सुविधा दिल्ली  With the advancement in technology, there has been an increasing trend of moving towards Digital India. A number of activities which we are regularly doing are now slowly getting digitized with the increasing use of computers. It will help in effective managing of all these activities with the required data showcased over the portal. This will even help the individuals who want to know the latest updates from the respective portal.

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It is required to reach for a large number of individuals by the government. People can reach the respective portal for identifying the latest modifications and notifications provided. This will help people to even take the maximum benefit of respective schemes as they get aware of the latest changes. Notices are also released over the portal for the service which they are providing on the portal to the public.

Utilizing e-district facility in Delhi

The online facility is also providing a feature of creating a new user on the e-district Delhi portal. One can also get all the details about the transactions by Delhi govt which are taking place in the e-district revenue courts. It will help in managing all the financial transactions and schemes released directly over the portal. Even the people working there can get the latest centralized statistics of the people who are referring to the information on the portal.

Delhi e-District Facility
Image Source: edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in

About 20 lakh people have registered for this facility over the portal. A large number of applications are received for either the certificate, grievances or even for the appointment. This will help in managing all these activities while remaining in the timeline frame which is released. One should also refer to eligibility criteria to identify if you are eligible for the e district scholarship. It also provides the facility of having marriage certificate online.

If you have applied for any of the services on this portal then you can also track that application by the use of sending a message to a specific number. It will help in getting all the details about the application and how much it has progressed ahead. A large number of certificates are issued for the individuals who are registering and applying over the portal. This number has reached 16.35 lakh certificates downloaded from the portal.


Thus, we can say that there are large numbers of benefits of digitizing many of the services of Delhi. People can apply for these services online to get the desired certificate. As the service is completely online, it will help in effective managing of different activities. Data will be available quite easily due to the linkage of all of them with each other. About 15 departmental databases are linked with each other for the improved working of the department.

  • e-District Facility Delhi Website: https://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in
  • e-District Facility Delhi Helpline Numbers: 011-23935730, 011-23935731, 011-23935732, 011-23935733, 011-23935734
  • Delhi e-District Facility Support Mail: edistrictgrievance@gmail.com

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  1. Districts are the de facto front-end of government where most Government-to-Consumer or G2C interaction takes place. The eDistrict project was conceptualized to improve this experience and enhance the efficiencies of the various Departments at the district-level to enable seamless service delivery to the citizen

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