Digitize India Platform

What is Digitize India Platform?

Digitize India platform –  डिजिटाइज भारत   is an initiative launched by the Indian government under the digital India program. This program can be joined by an autonomous organization, the government of department. The main purpose is to speed up the work of government. This initiative was initiated under the Digitized India platform on July 1, 2015.

Digitize India Platform

PM Narendra Modi launched the Digitize India Platform as Digital contributor to participate. Digitize India is a major initiative taken towards digital India and to transform India as a knowledge-driven economy. This will helps Indians to get empowered digitally and to ascertain the information is available digitally. Candidates may consider online digitize India registration at the digitizeindia.gov.in, official website.

The portal allows minimized the document management load as it handles different formats, multiple records, and languages. The Govt. agencies face numerous challenges such as searching specific documents; data extraction from the document of images for processing, finding specific data and after the document scanning, govt. workers can extract data embedded in different documents.

Digitize india

Digitizeindia will offer opportunities to become digital enterprises to the government. Moreover, people get an opportunity to earn reward points and with digital India data entry jobs, money is earned.  In fact, this platform enables earning money online for volunteers.

How does it work?

  • The platform of Digitize India collects the data from different government organizations in various images.
  • This digital image is given to the contributor to work upon.
  • The words type image as given in Digital contributor.
  • The computer programs check words; get on right entries the reward points.
  • The DIP program collects and forwards it to the right department.

digital india

Eligibility Criteria of Digitized India Platform for Online Registration

  • Applicants must be Indian citizens.
  • Applicants must have computer knowledge.
  • Aadhar card is compulsory.
  • Bank account so that you receive money from Aadhar.
  • Smart devices such as tablets, computers, Smartphone’s, etc
  • Academic certification so that you ascertain to do this job.


Benefits of Digitize India Platform

  • As a digital worker, firstly you are employed and also have official recognition.
  • In case you are unemployed, then you are allotted part-time job.
  • On getting involves in this initiative, there are benefits.
  • You get from the Government a certificate that you are a Data Entry Operator that is useful for the future.
  • People with good typing speed can earn in 2-3 hours around 150-200 rupees.

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  1. Digital India aim is to achieve the vision of Digital India, where every Indian is digitally empowered and every information is digitally available. Digitize India Platform offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for Digital Contributors, rewards for doing simple data entry jobs.

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