BOR UP Online – Uttar Pradesh Online Verification Site

Uttar Pradesh Online Verification Site

The Uttar Pradesh government has started an online facility of BOR UP Online – बिऔआर उप ऑनलाइन for its citizens through this, residents of Uttar Pradesh can verify their caste certificate, income certificate, and residence certificate. For this, we must have a certificate, all the certificates have a number, we can get our verification done through the same number. Only beneficiaries of Uttar Pradesh can take advantage of this.

Board of Revenue UPFor verification of certificates

  • First of all, go to the website given by the government (
  • This website will display a variety of options, among which you have to click “Verify Certificates” option.
  • As soon as you click on that option a new page will open in front of you in the middle of this page will be written in the middle ‘Certificates. Verification, click on it and go ahead.
  • After this, a second page was opened in front of you, in which he will ask you to enter the number of your certificate. Please put the number of your certificate in the compartment and proceed.
Uttar Pradesh Online Verification Site
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BOR UP Online

In this way, our certificates will be verified in this way. Finally, the page which will be sent in the end will be written in a lot of information such as our name, father’s name, district, tehsil, sub-caste, type of certificate, number of certificates, etc. All this information is already with the UP government only that which is visible to us. There can be a problem in it that your name, your name, is not all in Hindi. For this, you will have to call a Hindi masterpiece in your laptop and after installing Bhagti Dev font and after installing it, if you do this again, then all the information will be displayed in Hindi as it is in tehsil paper.

Uttar Pradesh Government

To insert masterpiece Dev fonts, you can click on the blue worksheet written below or go to the website named and download master Dev in most downloaded fonts. This site is a very good way for the residents of Uttar Pradesh to sit at home. You can verify their caste resident and income certificate, all this is for our convenience and we should use it.

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  1. It was decided by the Council that the 12 digit coding system should be adopted instead of the 11 digit coding system on certificates from 01-01-2013. Now in the new coding system, the last 5 digits have been fixed for the number of 6 digit certificates. The first 6 digits will be undone.

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