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Importance of Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation

BMTC-  बीएमटीसी Transportation is required for a number of tasks done by the general public. It is therefore required to have a proper and cheaper transportation system for the public of the state. With this regard, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation was established. This provides many different kinds of transportation facility based on the requirement of the individual who wants to travel.

BMRCL Map in Schematic


The facilities are provided by the government at a lower price to make it affordable for a large number of individuals. With this people can take the most benefit of this service so that they can use it in a productive manner over the task which they want to accomplish. People are using this service over a large scale to get transported to the desired destination.

Importance of BMTC

This service is mainly stated with a large number of buses to provide the transport to the desired destination in the state. It even includes busses of many different varieties based on the individual’s requirement. All the routes to the target destination and starting destination are fixed beforehand which one can have a look to identify which bus will suit their requirement of transportation.

Bengaluru Metro

Even the slogan of this service is about providing you an economic transportation service. It will help people of lower earning category to use it for transportation to the desired destination. This service is capable of providing quality connectivity among different regions of the state. Ultimately people can transport quite easily with minimum difficulty to their desired destination. The total routes which it provides are ranging to 5370 with the daily passenger count of up to 37 lakhs.

The kind of facility provided in the bus will help the passengers to travel in a comfortable manner to their desired destination. Looking at the number of passengers traveling it is clearly evident that people like to move over different locations in BMTC. It is clearly indicating the popularity of the bus transport service in Bangalore. Many people need to travel frequently over different locations, this service will be greatly helpful for them.


Thus, we can say that Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation is providing a quality transportation service. One can get all the information over BMTC wiki. It is mainly intended to provide a good quality service at a low cost. People are using this service extensively which is clearly evident from the daily passengers of this service. Even the large number of routes which are available will facilitate to travel at all corners of Bangalore.

  • Bangalore Metro Website:
  • BMTC Head Office: Third Floor, BMTC Complex, K.H.Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore Karnataka State – 560 027
  • Metro Bangalore Helpline Numbers: 91-80- 2296 9300, 2296 9301
  • Namma Metro Support Mail:
  • Bengaluru Metro Facebook:
  • Bangalore Metro Twitter:

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  1. Namma Metro, also known as Bengaluru Metro is a metro system serving the city of Bengaluru, India. As of October 2018 the third longest operational metro network in India after the Delhi Metro and Hyderabad Metro. … The metro has an average daily ridership of 315,000 passengers.

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