Bhamashah Yojana (भामाशाह योजना)

About Bhamashah Yojana (भामाशाह योजना)

Building a better society means it should have women empowerment. This is the need of the hour as the empowerment of the woman means it clearly indicates empowerment of the society and also it’s State. In the year 2008, the Bhamashah Yojana predicted, and this done even prior to the Aadhaar program was planned and implemented. In fact, the Bhamashah was considered to be the first offering direct benefit transfer scheme. The scheme’s objective is financial inclusion, effective service, and women empowerment.

There is Bhamashah card (भामाशाह कार्ड) and bank account card to be made in the lady’s name that is in the house so that she is empowered and is considered to be the decision-maker in the family. In fact, she will be responsible for all the cash and non-cash benefits of the government that is received under several public welfare schemes.

Bhamashah card
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Family head- women

The Rajasthan Government initiated from 15 August 2014 the Bhamashah portal. This offers women empowerment benefits and the schemes of the government in a transparent manner.  This Bhamashah Yojana will make the woman in charge of the family and she will have even the bank account of her family in her name. The government is offering all the cash benefits of the government directly to the family in this account. Rajasthan in this country is the foremost state that issued Bhamashah card Rajasthan facilitating women.

Direct account

At Bamashah, in the Bhamashah form, the full information is given and all the members are added during the enrollment to Bamashah. This government schemes that any family member entitled should have full information. Such as the pension numbers, NREGA job card number, etc attached to the Bhamashah. On furnishing, all the details, the bank account of the beneficiaries linked to Bhamashah benefits the government schemes such as Scholarship, Pension, Janani Suraksha, NREGA, etc, in the bank accounts on the due date.

The Rewards cards issued to the beneficiaries so that they can withdraw money if required. Withdrawing funds from the center is possible, though nearly 35,000 B.B installed.

Bamashah Scheme
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Transaction information to the beneficiary

Every transaction is related to money payment in the beneficiary account. And for money withdrawal, SMS received on the mobile. Adding to this, a social audit of benefits Bhamashah distributed and done two times annually. The beneficiary can receive details of the benefits in the Bhamashah mobile app or using the Right to information.

  • Bhamashah Scheme Website:
  • Bhamashah Scheme Head Office: IT Building, Yojana Bhawan Premises, Tilak Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan India – 302 005
  • The Bhamashah Scheme Helpline Number: 1800-180-6127

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  1. Bhamashah Yojana is a scheme introduced by the Government of Rajasthan to transfer financial and non-financial benefits of governmental schemes directly to women recipients in a transparent way

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