Baroda UP Gramin Bank overview

Baroda UP Gramin Bank

The Baroda UP Gramin bank is an RRB bank. Similar to all other RBBs the Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin bank established under the regional rural act in India. A bank is responsible for the sponsorship of almost twenty regional rural banks. Seven of these banks can be found in Uttar Pradesh.  There are variety of changes the banking industry has seen between the years 1976 and 2006. This included the Regional rural banks as well. The structure of the Indian economy needs changes in certain areas which will dynamically merge the following regional rural banks.

Baroda UP Gramin Bank
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The Following are the  Gramin banks

  1. Raebareli Kshetriya bank
  2. Allahabad Kshetriya bank
  3. Pratapgarh Kshetriya bank
  4. Fatehpur Kshetriya bank
  5. Kanpur Kshetriya bank
  6. Sultanpur Kshetriya bank
  7. Faizabad Kshetriya bank
  8. Fate Kshetriya bank

There are also two regional banks that are found in the Uttar Pradesh western area. The Bareilly Kshetriya Bank and the Shahjahanpur Kshetriya Gramin Bank that has been sponsored by the bank of Baroda. From these mergers two new banks were formed, the Eastern Uttar Baroda Pradesh bank and also the Baroda Pradesh western Uttar bank. The head offices of the banks are located Raegareli and in Bareilly. It was not long after the first merger that these two banks also merged to form the BUPGB. There are over a hundred Baroda up Gramin bank branches.

The bank’s mission

baroda uttar pradesh gramin bank
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The main mission of the bank to recreate itself utilizing financial commitment of developing the economy rural areas to provide the best but also the most exciting experience for the customers as well as clients.

The vision of the BUPGB


It is the vision of the bank to increase the profitability of its production and the NPA reductions. This is to increase the credit of agriculture. The main aim to help with banking deposits and saving services that will mobilize these services rural areas and saturate the village areas enabling a workforce that is knowledgeable and committed. The vision is to transform bank the number one bank that preferred by the individuals that reside rural areas.  A logo form of dual “Bs” complemented by the rays of sun on the horizon. If you are looking to find out more about the bank you can visit Baroda UP Gramin Bank wiki webpage and their website for information on Baroda up Gramin bank IFSC code.

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