The ultimate guide to Arunachal Pradesh rural bank

 Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank

Arunachal Pradesh Rural bank is recognizable since its establishment on 30 Nov 1983. It is a scheduled bank and it is sponsored by the State bank of India in conjunction with the Government of India as well as Arunachal Pradesh Government.

Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank
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The bank head office is situated at Shiv Mandir Rd, E-Sector, Naharlagun, Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh State. The bank operates in all of Arunachal District and has 28 branches. Arunachal Pradesh Bank is dedicated to offering banking services to people from different parts of the district and has future plans of expansion of its branch network.

Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank ifsc code

Services offered at the bank

Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank offers a variety of banking services namely; Loan schemes, Deposit Schemes, Rate interest, and other services.

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Loan schemes: Loans provided by the bank include:

  • Kisan credit cards (KCC)
  • General credit cards (GCC)
  • Cash credit (CC)
  • Agricultural term loan (ATM)
  • Personal loans
  • Transport operator loans

Deposit Schemes and interest rate

The bank has different types of savings schemes. The opening and operation of these accounts depend on different clients’ needs. They can be opened by individual or institutions and there are different interest rates slated for each account.

  • The savings account attracts an interest rate of 4% per annum with a minimum deposit of Rs.200
  • No frill (zero balance saving bank account) also attracts an interest rate of 4% per annum and nil service charges.
  • Daily deposit account attracts an interest rate of 4% per annum, a minimum balance of Rs.5 and service charge among other accounts services.

Online Banking

Technology holds an integral part of any institutions’ success and growth. The bank is has introduced new technologies with a number of channels aimed at providing banking services. All its branches have migrated to the CBS platform. Rupay ATM-PMJDY card, Rupay ATM Debit cards, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), and Rupay Kisan Card, ACH credit and ACH debit, Direct Benefit Transfer.

It also offers online services through the E-commerce platform and mobile services by providing SMS alert services.

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Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank IFSC code is available for the 29 operational bank branches. Each branch has unique Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank IFSC code. The bank also offers special schemes which include; selling of SBI-Life insurance products, acting as a link to self-help groups and monitoring and the opening of no-frills accounts in rural areas. It also champions for financial awareness by campaigning in self-help groups and farmers associations.

The bank has witnessed an increased profit margin for the last five years. The banks authorized share capital is Rs.200.00 and a paid-up bank capital of Rs.5632.The banks’ deposit is Rs.63375 and it has no default in repayment of installment and investment. The cash balance as on 31st March 2018 was Rs 658.00 and it has a total investment of Rs.448800.

Contact Us

Official Websites:

1 H.O NAHARLAGUN 0360-2246017, 2246090, 2246091
2 NAHARLAGUN 0360-2350938
3 ITANAGAR 0360-2291554
4 KIMIN 0360-2255292
5 SAGALEE 03809-261311
6 DAPORIJO 03792-224749
7 DUMPORIJO 03792-255032
8 ALONG 03783-222750
9 BASAR 03795-200017
10 KAMBA 03783-261281


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