Apna Khata (अपना खाता)

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Apna Khata (अपना खाता)

Requiring a proof, Khatauni or land pamphlet means you have to keep walking up and down to the Tahsil office.  This takes a lot of time and the problem is worse as many people are not aware of the fact that the land essential documents can be taken online easily. You can see online all the documents of your land and home. Now you have one great option the Apna Khata that allows you to see online your land, Jambandi or Khatauni through the Jambandi Rajasthan website. It can also be downloaded online.

The Rajasthan government initiated a website in the name Apnakhata- अपना खाता. The main purpose of the Apnakhata Rajasthan is to provide the land documents online and also the Jamabandi copy.  In fact, this website also offers your account number and the land number that is referred to as (measles number) in your name. Using this you can see online the land records and also can print it or download it.


The biggest advantage is that you need not pay any bribe to anybody and can get the Jamabandi copy easily using the account number or its name.

How to get the Jamabandi form online from Apnakhata website?

  • The very first step is to visit the website: – http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in/

apana khata

  • Look at the given Rajasthan map Jamabandi Nakal Ki copy and select your district.
  • Select the district from the Rajasthan map.
  • Select the Tahsil office.
  • A list will open and you must choose your village
  • A page will open and you can get from your account number, the measles number.
  • You have to select account number, Khasra number, measles number, name and do it with care. Then click on the copying option.
  • Finally, you can see your land details and you can also get the detail printed or also get it downloaded and save it in your personal file.
Image Source: wiki.meramaal.com

The Rajasthan Revenue Department has created this website Apnakhata raj nic to provide the Rajasthan people enough convenience. Earlier for any details regarding the land, there was a need to visit the Tahsil office or Patwari. The problem was even then people never had proper details about their land property, yet there was no other way but to contact the government offices.

Fortunately, now the government has introduced this website that allows to get the land details and also the print of it in a few minutes.

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  1. Jamabandi is actually the common parlance in Northern India including the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to refer to the land records like ApnaKhata Rajasthan Land Records. More specifically it refers to the Record of Rights.

  2. contact persons
    General, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Contact Formula
    Other backward class categories mandate contact formula
    Minority class category mandate contact formula

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