AP Pahani (ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ పహాణి)

Know all about Pahani (పహాణి) or Adangal

AP Pahani  – एपी पहानी In this modern world, whether you own a house or a piece of the farm, you should have complete details of it. Without keeping proper land records, you won’t be able to protect your land in case of any risks in the future. If you are the resident of Andhra Pradesh, then you should have your Pahani with you. You must be wondering what is Pahani (పహాణి). This is a necessary revenue record which contains details related to the land’s information like soil type, liabilities, crops grown, water rate and many more.

AP State

If you want to get the details of AP Pahani, you can decide to visit the (మీ భూమి) Mee Bhoomi official website. This website also facilitates the owners of land to check the status of their mobile phone. You can also download Village Pahani anytime. You can also make corrections in your land record whenever you find any error in it. After making corrections, you will need to contact Mee Seva Centers and Mandal Revenue Officer.

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Why you need Pahani or Adangal (అడంగల్)?

Have you ever wondered Why do we need Pahani? If yes, then you should understand that it is a land revenue record of the different farms of the villages in Andhra Pradesh. If you are also interested in checking land records, then you can get it from the official website or the authority office. You need Adangal (అడంగల్) to check the quality of your land and more details related to it. This will help you to understand the value of your own land.

AP Mee bhoomi

How can you obtain Pahani?

If you want to obtain Adangal (అడంగల్) for your land, then you don’t need to go anywhere other than concerned VAO (Village Administrative Officer). By contacting the officer, you can know about the complete procedure of attaining Pahani. After getting your Adangal confirmed, you can download it through the official website of authorities.  Here are the steps to download Pahani:

  • You can go to the official website of Mee Bhoomi http://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in if you want to download the Pahani

MEE Bhoomi AP

  • When you will reach on the homepage, you can click on Adangal. By clicking on the options popped from this section, you can find your land records. Download it by clicking on the download button.
  • You will need to enter the details related to Aadhar number (ఆధార్ నెంబర్), account number, survey number in the application.
  • After this, you will need to add the district name, village name, and Mandal

Mee Bhoomi

  • Byt adding the document number, the land records of your farm will be available in front of you.
  • If you want to download the document, then you can press the download button and then you can keep a printout of it along with you.

These are the simple steps which you can follow to download your land records within few minutes. This can help you to know if you need to make any changes in your soil or water irrigation.  If you want to sell your land to someone, then also you can check what information does Pahani contains so that you can be able to earn more profits on the contract.

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  1. If you do not add the land details to your Aadhaar number, you can add your Aadhaar number with your Account Number through the “Aadhar linking” option on your land website. You can add other identification documents without Audar and you can register the mobile number

  2. Andhra Pradesh landowners can easily get their land details through the Mee Bhoomi official website. Mee Bhoomi website also facilitates landowners to check the status and to download their Village 1B and Village Adangal anytime.

  3. An innovative project of the Andra Pradesh government launched the ‘ MeeBhoomi AP, which is a digital Depository of land records of the AP state. You can easily search for a land record by keying in your land’s survey number or your Pattadar number, or even your Aadhaar card number.

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