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The functionality of Animal Husbandry UP Department

Animal Husbandry UP – पशुपालन यूपी Animals are highly important for any of the location to have a balanced system at any of the locations. Many different kinds of cattle’s, poultry farms, Pig, Fisheries and many more are required to be maintained in a proper manner. It will result in the easy availability of those animal products by the humans who are staying in those locations.

pashupalan vibhag up

For maintaining these animals, the UP government has developed a special department called the Animal Husbandry Department. There are numerous schemes developed by the department which are conspiring the welfare of these animals. It will help in ensuring that all animals are staying in their best health conditions so that one can have the best animal products.

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Importance of having an Animal Husbandry Department

As we are having an animal husbandry department, they are mainly concerned with taking pro-active steps for maintaining animals. This department is mainly controlled by the government of UP. It is providing numerous schemes under which numbers of animals are provided benefits. Even some of the schemes are pro-actively working to increase the spread area in which a particular animal resides.

The department is also considering the different diseases which these animals might face. Steps are taken to either prevent those diseases or provide proper medical facilities for the same. It will help in proper conservation of the animals for a longer period of time. Poultry farming is also encouraged at a larger extent in the rural areas. This will help in ensuring that we get the desired quality of outcome from the same.

pashupalan vibhag up

Birds are also important to this scheme. Proper steps are taken to manage the habitat of birds so that they are able to live in a proper condition. All the schemes are available over the official portal of Animal Husbandry UP. It will help in educating people about the kind of facilities available for them. Even it is named as Pashupalan Vibhag UP.

This will make them aware of how they should utilize these schemes for the benefit of their animals in the best possible manner. From this, they will be getting the best animal products which they can sell at a substantially higher price. People are normally calling this scheme as Pashudhan Uttar Pradesh. The site for the same is


Thus, we can say that the Animal Husbandry Department is useful for the growth of the animals of a particular location. It will help in ensuring that animals are able to develop their habitat in a more better manner without facing intervention. This will affect the development of the final animal output who is presiding over the location.

  • Animal Husbandry UP Website:
  • UP Animal Husbandry Minister: Sri. S.P. Singh Baghel
  • Animal Husbandry UP Minister Contact Number: 0522 2238519

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