Abkari Vibhag UP – The Excise Department

Abkari Vibhag UP

The excise department, Abkari Vibhag UP – अबारी विभाग यूपी  is the largest earning department through tax revenue for the state government. They handle the laws and rules of the administration relating to possession, manufacture, import, sale, export and liquor transport, revenue collection and drugs intoxicating from each source. This department is responsible to collect revenue and it also works to prevent trafficking, illegal trade, and illicit liquor production.

Abkari Vibhag Uttar Pradesh
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The excise department headquarters of the Excise commissioner is at Udaipur. The Excise commissioner is assisted by Additional Excise Commissioner, their policy, excise preventive force, joint excise commissioner, financial advisor, additional excise commissioner, the chemical engineer, and more officers.

Promotional campaigns are run to prevent illegal liquor trade in the UP state. The pathetic thing is that with the expiry of the campaign, the liquor trade is restarted. To have a proper effect, there is a need for public participation and cooperation.

UP Abkari Vibhag
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UP Abkari Vibhag Online Registration Process

The Abkari Vibhag UP held online registration.  This is as per district wise for liquor shop. Upexcise lottery result is to be checked to know about the liquor shop (Daru Tekha). This is in two phases and there is a need to apply and register. On checking with your login and registration number you will know if you are allotted the liquor shop license to run or not.

  • Visiting the Upexciselottery.gov.in is the first step.
  • The next is to go to the login and look for the lottery result.
  • you must click on the links
  • You will find UP lottery results for Dharu Tekha
  • Once the draw completes, the pdf can be downloaded.

As per up excise policy 2018-19, the UP government has come up with this lottery policy. This was done to curtail and bring control of the monopoly or traders or groups in the liquor trading retailing business.

Uttar Pradesh Government

With this new lottery system, district wise wholesale licenses will be issued and not the zonal licenses.  With the new excise policy, the liquor shops near schools, mosques, highways, and temples were closed. The aim is to eliminate or bring an end to all small traders or retailers and to assign it to wholesale trading. The state government claims to give opportunities to entrepreneurs, but the clauses reveal that it will benefit only the big giants or companies.  However, the liquor association has opposed this 2018-19 lottery system that was approved by the UP government and is against the e-lottery system.

Excise Department of UP

  • Abkari Vibhag UP Website: http://www.upexciseonline.in/
  • Abkari Vibhag Uttar Pradesh Helpline Number: 2235344, 2214503
  • Honorable UP Excise Minister: Shri Jai Pratap Singh

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  1. Promotional campaigns are run from time to time to prevent illegal liquor and illegal liquor trade in the state, but after the expiry of the campaign, the above work is restarted. On this one side, where the revenue of the state government is affected, on the other hand the possibility of loss of life is also maintained

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