Aadhar card (UIDAI)

Aadhar card

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is designed under the planning commission, its purpose is to do all the work related to the Aadhar card. Aadhaar card – आधार कार्ड is a special item of 12 digit identity card, in which many types of information are located in one place. Population and body markings and the eyes of the eyes which are different from each and every person is identified.


Earlier we used to have many types of cards, such as PAN card, driving license etc. The Aadhaar card was brought so that we have a card containing all the information, the PAN card etc. has not been removed since its arrival, but it is used as a separate identity proof. Even a resident can make it, he will have to prove the proof of residence for an identity. It will also give some biometric information along with biometric meaning fingerprints, eye mark etc.


To create Aadhaar card

  1. Find your center first and go there.
  2. After this, fill your enrollment form.
  3. After this, submit your enrollment form. Enrollment form with the photocopy of your residence proof, photocopy and photocopy of identity proof must also be accompanied by this certificate so you can show if asked.
  4. After getting all the documents taken and accepted, your biometric data will be taken and one photo of you will be taken, which will come on your base card.
  5. After this you will be given a slip, which will have an enrollment number of 14 points, you will keep this slip until you get your Aadhaar card.


The Aadhaar card is sent by the Indian Postal Service, which comes in 90 days i.e. in 3 months but if anybody needs Aadhaar card sooner then they will go to the official website of Aadhar card and then fill out the form. Use your enrollment number, you will be asked for your enrollment number, the date and time you applied. Enter your name pin code by entering information like habitat and registered mobile number. Aadhaar card is a new beginning, it has become a partner in the development of India by utilizing it to make Digital India complete.

Now if the Aadhar card is to be done, then the government has given us an online portal. To refine-

  • First of all, we will go to the Base Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)
  • After reading all the rules, click on the process button.
  • After that enter your 12 digit base number, enter the verification code in the verification box below and click on the Send OTP (OTP)
  • OTP arrives at our registered mobile number through OTP, we will log in to our base account.
  • After logging in to the account, click on the address option (if we need to change your address).
  • After that, you will enter your address which is on the residence proof, after clicking on the “submit update request button”, click on the modification option and then click on the Proceed button.
  • Then you will be asked what kind of residence proof you are giving, the type of residence certificate you can choose and submit again. He will ask you to get a copy of your residence proof, upload the copy, select your BPO service provider and click the submit button.
  • After this, you will get a slip on which the update request number will be kept, keep it and 15 days later you can withdraw your Aadhar card from this number.


BPO Services

The BPO Service Provider checks all the information that it does not match our residence proof. Or if after that everything is right then it will forward our application to UIDAI. If we wish, we can also refine our Aadhaar card from the Aadhar Enrollment Center. For any such work, every time applicants are asked ₹ 25. It is necessary to do the right thing properly and become the partner in the development of your state and country. We all have the obligation to follow the rules made by the government and help them reasonably.

If we want, by post also, we can do a correction in our Aadhaar card. For that, we have to write a letter to UIDAI along with this letter. We have to send the form of a refund and the photocopy of the paper to the following address.

  • Address 1 = post box number 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480 001, India
  • Address 2 = Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034, India.

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